Computer Online Offsite Backup Service

Offsite backup is sending critical data out of the main location (off the main site) as part of a disaster recovery plan.

NetIntegration LLC provides computer online backup service that is automatic, accessible and affordable. NetIntegration LLC provides a unique solution that no other local offsite backup provider offers. NetIntegration LLC provides image based server backup that allows us to completely restore your entire system quickly and efficiently. NetIntegration LLC can also provide you with reliable online backup service at a better value than other local companies - call us to find out how we can save you time and money.

Why Online Computer Backup Services Are Important

Online computer backup is the off-site storage of data by the service provider remotely in a backed-up network. From business files to your most treasured photos, videos, music and more, there’s no limit to the uses you can make of our online backup services. And by using online computer backup, you’re also in a much better position to secure your emails and other essential data.

Small Business Online Backup Services

Online computer backup services aren’t just for bigger businesses and law firms. NetIntegration LLC has come up with excellent ways to help small business owners protect their data so that they can stay operational and competitive, come what may.

With online computer backup, for example, you are in a position to manage your computer activities, knowing that your data will always be there for you. Having a set monthly amount helps, too, making it easy to set a budget and work with it as an individual and a business owner.

In every business, it's advisable to have a disaster recovery plan. NetIntegration LLC can customize this for each company according to its needs.

Top 5 Benefits Of Online Backup Businesses and Personal Information

Data Recovery

In case a company loses its data, either through physical theft of a computer, failure of the machines or any other possible way of losing data, it's easy to retrieve the information if it was regularly backed up offsite. The method of recovering backed up data is cheaper and guaranteed. From there, it’s easy to restore lost data if anything goes wrong.

Preserve the Reputation of the Business

When a business loses its data, it’s not a good look. While you scramble to get up and running again and figure out your accounts payable and receivable, your company will come across as less professional -- and your competitors will use this opportunity to tarnish your brand.

In such a scenario, the business will have a hard time trying to explain to its loyal clients what happened. In most cases, it will end up losing client data as well, leaving them feeling worried and less likely to trust your business in the future. Backing up your data regularly can help your business avoid these operational and customer service disasters.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

In case something terrible happens to the business, the employees and the customers are at peace, knowing very well that they will not lose any information and can keep working as usual. A data backup and recovery plan is key.

Protect Against Human Errors

Human beings are prone to make mistakes now and then. Sometimes, these mistakes can lead to data loss. In such a case, a data back up plan will be crucial for restoring the lost information.

Survive Technological Failures

Even though so much of the way we do business today relies on technology, it would be unwise to think computers cannot fail you. When this happens, and data is backed up, it can always be restored.

Additional Security

Along with the ever-present threat of hackers, businesses are also prone to plenty of physical risks such as fire, theft or computer malfunctions that can corrupt information or destroy it. In these events, computer backup will help restore the lost data.

Time-saving and Cost-Effective

Purchasing drives and backup media can be costly. With an online backup, you do not need to purchase or maintain any equipment. This saves time, money and energy.

3 Reasons to Choose NetIntegration LLC Memphis for Online Computer Backup Services

  1. Automatic: Scheduled backups happen without you having to think about it. It saves a lot of time, which would be used trying to restore data manually.
  2. Ease of Data Retrieval: In a scenario of data loss, everything will be effectively be recovered, including graphics. We make it easy to get back up and running fast!
  3. Affordability: NetIntegration LLC backup services are easy to purchase and fit into the monthly budget.

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