Top 10 Computer Headaches for Businesses

Most Common Business Technical Headaches

  1. Slow Computer – We can help.
  2. Can’t access email while traveling - We can help.
  3. Can’t connect to hotel or airport wireless/WiFi networks while traveling - We can help.
  4. Need to back up my computer – We can help.
  5. Can’t get technical support when “I” need it – We can help.
  6. Can’t get wireless network and security configured – We can help.
  7. Need to remove spyware and viruses – We can help.
  8. Need computer optimized and tuned-up – We can help.
  9. Need to set up new technology device – We can help.
  10. Need update of hardware drivers and other peripheral synch issues, including printers, PDAs, wireless phones, cameras – We can help.

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